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After being part of our 2019 team Randy returned to Venezuela to help vulnerable children. He is now working in the North of Venezuela to help 100 children in the slums of Venezuela that have nothing left, sometimes not even clothes. They live without their parents or have got only one parent left. He helps them by providing food, clothing and medical care and tries to set up activities like sports or cultural education. Read his story below and help him help others.


The roadmap

Step 1:

Emergency aid

The first step we need to take is to keep providing the emergency aid that we have been providing over the past months. To do this we need your help. You can support by donating on this page, we will keep you informed and share the pictures and videos that Randy shares with us. In the near future you can choose a specific day to support Randy. You can choose a date that is important to you, give away a day of emergency aid to someone or just choose a random date. A day of emergency aid is currently about €20,- a day. When it is your day we will send you all of the pictures and videos from that day personally so you can see what your donation did for the children.

Step 2:

Building on the basics

Just providing emergency aid is not nearly enough. A lot of the children don’t have any education or healthcare, some of the kids are really sick. To make this project matter it is important to address the basic needs that every kid has. The past months we invested in a very small school to provide a very basic form of education, but this isn’t enough.In the next few months we will search for businesses like corporations, schools and hospitals who are willing to adopt a professional like a teacher or a doctor or nurse. In that we we can provide structural education and healthcare. If you own a business or know a business that would be willing to help us by adopting a professional, please contact me.

Step 3:

Working on the specifics

Besides emergency aid and basic needs, every one of the 100 children has his or her specific needs. Some of the kids are sick, others need special education, and all of them have dreams and hopes for the future. Currently we are working on making a profile for every one of the 100 kids, they will get a medical check-up, provided by friends to see what is needed for each of the children. Later this year you will be able to adopt and support the specific needs of one of the children. We will keep you updated on how the child is doing and how your donations are put to good use. Everything will be transparent, the good things as well as the setbacks that may occur.

About Randy

Randy is a 40 year old Venezuelan, born in La Guaira near Caracas. He comes from a family of 7 with his father José and his mother Maria and 4 brothers and sisters. He lives by christian values and teaches the vulnerable children he helps to show respect and gain social skills. His dream is to have his own location to provide children with food, clothes and activities.

The Story

Randy is helping the children that have become innocent victims of the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela . The 100 children between 6 and 14 years old he helps, grow up in poverty and need food, clothes and medical assistance.

To help the children in their development, Randy helps them to gain social skills and to grow on a personal level through education, sports and cultural activities. He does this with the little means he has available. Your help is needed for Randy to be able to continue and expand his great work. 

"We are not a big organisation, We just do big things. It is you, Randy and the children in need. We promise that every cent you give will go to the kids and we will always be transparant in what your money is spent on"

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Step 1

Emergency aid

The first step is maintaining emergency financial support for his program for food, clothing, medication and activities for 100 children. In the last few months we spent about €20 a day so Randy can continue what he is doing and can invest some money in new activities. Soon you will be able to choose a specific day or make a gift or donation for someone else on a specific day.

Step 2

Building on the basics

The second step is providing in the children's basic needs like education and healthcare. We want to help the children cover these basic needs on a structural basis. To do this we will provide the opportunity to adopt a professional around September 2020. Read more

Step 3

Working on the specifics

The third step is focusing on the individual children and their specific needs and dreams. You can help one of the 100 children by providing this around November 2020. Read more


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