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After being part of our 2019 team Randy returned to Venezuela to help vulnerable children. He is now working in the north of Venezuela to help over 60 children in the slums of Venezuela that have nothing left, sometimes not even clothes. They live without their parents or have got only one parent left. He helps them by providing food, clothing and medical care and tries to set up activities like sports or cultural education. Read his story below and help him help others.


How project one-on-one works


The Story

With 'project one-on-one' we help people personally, case by case. At the start of the day I will give you a case. We tell you their story, give you the backgrounds and the facts.


The Solution

They tell you what they need and why they need it. You decide if you help or not. If we reach the target amount before the countdown timer reaches zero, we will help the same day. If not you will get your money back


The Updates

If the funding is successful we will keep you updated about the case, about how the money is spent and how they are doing. If we do not reach the target amount then unfortunately we cannot solve the problem.

About Randy

Randy is a 40 year old Venezuelan, born in La Guaira near Caracas. He comes from a family of 7 with his father José and his mother Maria and 4 brothers and sisters. He lives by christian values and teaches the vulnerable children he helps to show respect and gain social skills. His dream is to have his own location to provide children with food, clothes and activities.

Step 1

The Story

Randy is helping the children that have become innocent victims of the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela . The more then 60 children between 6 and 14 years old he helps, grow up in poverty and need food, clothes and medical assistance.

To help the children in their development, Randy helps them to gain social skills and to grow on a personal level through sports and cultural activities. He does this with the little means he has available. Your help is needed for Randy to be able to continue and expand his great work. 

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Step 2

The Solution

  1. Financial support for his program for food, clothing, medication and activities for 60 children. We calculated that with $70 a week Randy can continue what he is doing and can invest some money in new activities.  
  2. Our goal is to support him for at least a month. If the goal is achieved and more is donated than necessary, the donations will go to extending support.
  3. If the goal is not achieved, your contribution will be refunded and we will not be able to help Randy.

The results will be announced once the time is expired.

The Goal: $ 280

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Step 3

The Updates



Help Randy help others is the first one-on-one project in 2020 that has come online on this website. You can donate now. We will keep you updated.



You did it again! Randy can continue and expand his great work to provide help and activities for his 60 children. Thank you!



First thing I did was give Randy a call. He was very happy and didn't know what to say. I will try to get a video with him tomorrow. Next time I will inform you first. My bad, won't happen again.



Randy has brought clothes to some children in suburbs who had no or almost no clothes anymore



Randy has been able to find some new footballs and has organized sports activities with children in various places in recent days. He also continues with the distribution of meals.

More updates are coming soon...

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