We are not a big organisation

We just do big things

It is you, me and the people in need

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But why?

What is going on in Venezuela?

Venezuela is currently struggling with the biggest humanitarian crisis in modern times. Millions of people fled the country already because of hyperinflation and the lack of food and medical care. The circumstances are horrible and help is needed right now!

As an investigative journalist I have been working in Colombia and Venezuela to report on this crisis and spread the news all over the world. During my travels I meet a lot of people who urgently need help. Every day I meet people who haven’t had a meal for days and who are doing everything to survive. Especially children and elderly people suffer badly. Your help is needed urgently.

Michel-Valentijn Baljet

Freelance investigative journalist

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What we do and what you can do

We are not a big organisation, we just do big things. You, me and the people in need. With your help we provide instant solutions to the problems the people are facing, one-on-one.

We make sure every bit of the money raised goes to the people who need it the most, and we will share with you all that we do. 

We work whenever we can with locals and refugees themselves, so they can help others while securing their own basic needs and work to a better future.

Meet some of the people we helped and read some of their stories

Emergency assistance

For many people the need is high and immediate help is needed in basic necessities such as food, water, medical assistance or securing them from a dangerous environment. With your help we were able to help thousands of people last year. We focus on helping children and families.

Help them to help others

We believe in the knowledge and power of everyone. That is why we also believe that if we can give people a boost and help them meet basic needs and give them hope for a future, they also will want to help others. That is why we put groups together with people we have previously helped to help others.


We believe that emergency assistance alone is not enough to help people to a better future. That is why we look for a specific solution for one person or a family daily. We present a case and a solution to you every day and you decide whether or not to help.

What you can do

Of course you can help by donating. This can be done once, monthly or with a daily solution that is important to you. But you can do more. You can use your knowledge to make us better, use your network to make us bigger and share our story to make us better known. Every little bit helps and so we can ultimately make a big change together.


Meet some of the people we helped

In 2019 I started helping Venezuelan refugees in the border area in Cucuta, Colombia. Many Venezuelan people flee the country and end up in this area through the trochas. A lot of the people I met gave up everything to end up on these streets, hoping for a better life. They needed help. I formed a team with local people and Venezuelan refugees and we started handing out healthy meals and water to the people. From a few meals a days it quickly became hundreds. Soon we ran our own kitchen and were able to get the costs of the meals down to near to nothing so we could help even more people. 

We saw a lot of people that needed more than a healthy meal a day and decided to expand our projects and start the one-on-one aid. Every day we helped a family take steps towards a better future with your help. We provided safe housing, medical care and transport for families that needed it urgently. We also started our micro investments, we met a lot of people that were working hard with the means that were available. By investing in their businesses we were able to give them more financial stability and independence. All this with the agreement that we would monitor their business and help them managing it. 

All together you made this possible, there is still a lot of work to do and a lot of people to help. The problems did not stop since last year and this year we also want to help the people in need. Not only the people who had to flee from the humanitarian crisis, but also those left behind live in dire circumstances. You can make this happen.

Some of their stories


Lisveth and her 3 year old son slept on the streets of Cucuta and hadn’t eaten for days when we met. She fled her hometown Merida in Venezuela and was trying to get to Málaga by bus. We raised the money to provide Lisveth and her son with safe housing and food for the day and the needed busticket. The next day she and her son got on the bus and she sent us a message that she arrived safely the day after that. 

The Galindos family

Marianis en Jose were struggling badly when we met. The two parents of 1 year old Josenyerly worked illegally on the streets because they couldn’t afford work permits. Some days they had shelter, other days the family slept on the streets. Marianis and Jose had to leave their two other children Luisben and Jesmari in Venezuela. Jose’s brother lived in Medellin, and was able to take the whole family in. With your help, we reunited the children with their parents, got them work permits and made sure they were able to continue their journey. 

Deivi Briceño

Deivi had come to Cucuta in urgent need of medical attention. In his home town in Venezuela he got violently robbed, resulting in shot wounds and a badly fractured arm that were poorly treated. Unfortunately he didn’t have the money to go see a doctor and the hospital wouldn’t treat Venezuelan refugees. He didn’t have food or a place to stay and even got robbed from one of his shoes while sleeping on the streets. Within three hours you came through for him and we got him food, housing and more important a doctor that referred him to see a specialist for his medical treatment.

Yeimy Acosta

Pregnant Yeimy fled her home town near Caracas with her three children: Yeimison (12), Adaeze (3) and Chimebuka. When we met, they didn’t have anything but the clothes on their backs and the four of them hadn’t eaten for days. Yeimy was ill and in need of medical attention. She had an aunt and uncle in Quito that were willing to help, but no means of getting there. Yeimy’s dream was to work in cosmetics to provide for her family. With your help we were able to get Yeimy to a doctor and provide the family with a safe place to stay and healthy food. You did it again. 

Help Now!

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That is great, Thank you! The money you donate today, can be used tomorrow for those who really need it.

You can choose to support us one time or monthly. By supporting us monthly we can look at the future, set up bigger projects and guarantee a more stable emergency support (you can always stop).

If you want to receive updates of what we did with your donation then please also share your email address on the form.

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What others say about Venezuela


“The majority of refugees and migrants from Venezuela arriving in neighbouring countries are families with children, pregnant women, elderly people and people with disabilities. Often obliged to take irregular routes to reach safety, they may fall prey to smugglers, traffickers and irregular armed groups.”

Amnesty International

“The judicial system continued to be used to silence dissidents, including using military jurisdiction to prosecute civilians. Human rights defenders were harassed, intimidated and subject to raids. Conditions of detention were extremely harsh. The food and health crises continued to worsen, especially affecting children, people with chronic illness and pregnant women. The number of Venezuelans seeking asylum in other countries increased.”

Red Cross

"The situation in Venezuela is becoming more complex with every passing day, where ordinary families are left feeling the brunt of the increase in violence. Many have fled the country, but those who have stayed are in a vulnerable position and face an uncertain future."

Frequently asked questions

Can you explain more about your activities?

We provide urgent help to provide people with food, water, shelter and medical care. We help individual people and families to take steps towards a better future by organizing things like transport or job opportunities. 

Can I volunteer? 

You can help in many ways to make all this possible. If you have got an idea about how to help send me a message. 

Do you account for the donations?

Yes, there will be a financial report periodically to give you an insight in the spending of the funds. 

Do you live in Venezuela?

No, I officially live in the Netherlands, but I have been in Venezuela and Colombia multiple times a year since I first came there in 2014. Of course I will be there this year too for this project but besides me we have some good friends on the ground that I trust to help.

Can I receive updates?

On social media and the website I will keep you updated whenever I can. If you share your e-mail address on the donation form you will receive news in your mailbox. 

Are you working with international NGO’s?

No, by keeping it small and helping directly we can skip a lot of expenses and make sure that the help gets to the people who need it the most. 

Where can I contact you for publicity?

You can use the contact details on the website to contact me directly.

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